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Koni Classic Damper


The Koni classic product range makes modern damper technology available for older vehicles, giving better, sharper handling, more driveablilty & higher safety levels.

The dampers are built with the same superior qualities as other Koni dampers, including long life and adjustablilty and come finished in Koni red or traditional black with the famous Koni wing logo.

Many applications are available in this range from the Alfa Romeo Giulietta's of the 50's & 60's to the VW Beetles of the late 70's, including many of the sports cars of the period such as the Triumph TR4 & Jaguar E Type.







FSD Dampers

KONI introduces FSD, the first no-compromise shock absorber in the world. A revolutionary new technique which combines the benefits of firm and comfortable suspension in a single perfect shock absorber. Firm for sporty driving on even road surfaces. Comfortable for a smooth ride on uneven road surfaces.

Realizing the seemingly impossible!

Two characteristics that seemed diametrically- opposed, proved to be a source of inspiration for specialists from KONI. Following lengthy development and testing, the ultimate solution was reached: KONI FSD - Frequency Selective Damping.

A revolutionary new technique whereby the benefits of both types of ride characteristics are combined in one perfect shock absorber. Banishing the disadvantages of the past. FSD shock absorbers; a smart suspension system adjusting automatically to road conditions as well as driving style. And all of this in a fraction of a second. FSD guarantees greater stability, greater control and thus greater driving pleasure. To learn more about how FSD works, click here.

KONI reconfirms with the FSD innovation a leading position as innovative supplier of high-quality shock absorber products.

Advantages of FSD

  • Ends the compromise between comfort and handling
  • Can be integrated in conventional damper layouts
  • No need for sensors, cables, or other electronic devices
  • Creates an additional variable in fine-tuning the car’s behaviour
  • Quick and easy to develop for existing suspensions
  • Damper cost efficient







Koni Coilover Kits


So you consider yourself a sporty driver? You demand the very best in road holding? And you don’t mind if that comes with a stunning appearance? KONI is right there with you. For KONI’s Coilover Kits consist of four chrome KONI Sport shock absorbers and matching silver/grey lowering springs. They offer adjustable lowering of up to 60 mm, more than enough to give your car absolutely superb road holding qualities and great looks as well.

We offer a complete range of Kits. Engineered in a joint effort by KONI’s Motorsports Divisions in Holland, Germany and North America, these kits are all tested extensively on Germany's high speed Autobahns and approved by TÜV.

The Coilover Kits have highly polished chrome threaded bodies, or sleeves, providing a variable lowering by adjusting the spring seat height. This allows you to individualise your ride height. The dampers are also rebound adjustable, allowing you to further customise your cars ride and handling.  Most of these can be adjusted by a knob on the top of the damper from under the bonnet.







Koni Raid Dampers

With an experience in shock-absorber designing and manufacturing for many years, KONI, leader in Heavy Duty dampers (buses, trucks, trailers, military applications, railway, etc. ...), has decided to combine its high level of technology and its 4x4 market knowledge to create a new range of dampers dedicated to the raiders.

The main features of the new Heavy Track RAID series are:

Twin-tube technology:

  • Outer tube thickness of 2.5mm.
  • Damper function guaranteed in case of deformation of outer tube by impact of rocks.

Reservoir tube:

  • Big bore (70mm)
  • Oil volume has been doubled for better cooling & efficiency


  • Solid, robust attachments
  • Attachments welded all around (360°)


  • Possibility to adjust the rebound forces in order to adapt your damper to your springs and / or loads and so increase its life-span.

Double dynamic protection:

  • Rebound: progressive hydraulic rebound stop valve
  • Bump: extra security in case of big compression impact

Easy fitting:

  • Heavy track shock absorbers make use of original attachment fittings. No vehicle modifications are  necessary.
  • The Heavy Track Raid shocks are reliable high quality replacement performance parts for customers who seek a non sophisticated but effective product to do the job it's designed for; to finish in off road rally raids.

1 Heavy Duty attachments, suitable for all (off)road-conditions
2 Bump Stop
3 Special extra-heat resistant Viton seal
4 Teflon piston rod guide
5 Hydraulic rebound stop
6 Piston rod diameter Ø18mm
7 Teflon piston-ring
8 Adjustable rebound forces for individual fine-tuning
9 Bigger reservoir and more high-performance oil to improve heat exchange
10 Oil Baffle
11 Reservoir diameter Ø70 mm
KONI shock absorbers have a built-in hydraulic rebound valve with spring. This rebound valve substantially increases the damping forces during the last 40 or 20 mm of the rebound stroke to prevent metal-to-metal contact.






Koni Sport Dampers


The Koni Sport product line is one of our specialities. Koni serves Sporting Drivers with a carefully designed range of sport shock absorbers. This product focuses on exceptional road holding and handling, combined with a reasonable level of driving comfort. They can also be used with spring kits to lower a vehicle up to 35mm.

Many of the Koni Sport dampers are externally adjustable by means of an adjustment knob at the top of the damper. This means you do not have to remove the damper from the vehicle to adjust the rebound forces. This enables you to fine tune the handling & ride to suit your driving style.

Dampers without the top adjustable feature can still be adjusted, although they will need to be removed from the vehicle to achieve this. You may wish to use lowered springs with the Koni Sport range, if you do this please be aware the maximum lowering permitted is 35mm. Please also ensure that any bump stops are re-fitted to ensure no damage occurs to the valving should the damper bottom out.  Primarily a performance suspension supplier, Koni has a full range of suspension kits, lowering springs and probably the widest range of dampers of any manufacturer. We have a large network of dealers and fitting centres set up across the country, and a dedicated website, click on the link above to view.






Koni Sport Kit


Most KONI SPORT KIT dampers are externally adjustable (see reference list) to allow even further optimisation to your individual needs. A simple turn of the knob for your personalised optimal driving experience! Advanced technology from the world of Formula-1.

The New KONI SPORT KITS are designated 1130-series and offer you more fun through:

  • A sporty and aggressive look for your car The ultimate in driving experience, adjustable to your driving style
  • Reduced body roll and improved stability during cornering
  • More safety due to improved road holding performance
  • TÜV certificate for all European car models
  • KONI Quality & Warranty

KONI SPORT KITS are now available for over 200 car models at extremely competitive pricing! from just £345


In order to select the correct KONI Sport Suspension Kit you may need to know the maximum axle loads of your car. These are stated on the vehicle identification plate in your car. This sticker or metal plate is usually located in the engine compartment.

Please check this carefully before ordering your KONI Sport Suspension Kit. 






STR.T Suspension Kits

The range of Koni STR.T kits are individually tailored and engineered to give your car that Koni sports feel. Up to 40mm lowering gives you the aggressive lowered look, and lowers the vehicles centre of gravity, giving improved handling and less roll. The fixed rate damping is based on our years of experience with our sport range of dampers and kits. The bright orange dampers and metallic blue springs are sure to look good on any vehicle.

A sporty and aggressive look for your car with a great driving experience and reduced body roll and improved stability, All European model come with full TUV approval and certificate, with STR.T you can be sure of Koni quality and warranty.

This exciting range starts from just £299 inc VAT


In order to select the correct KONI Sport Suspension Kit you may need to know the maximum axle loads of your car. These are stated on the vehicle identification plate in your car. This sticker or metal plate is usually located in the engine compartment.

Please check this carefully before ordering your kit.