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Rolling Road

Here at Corten-Miller we are very proud to offer our Dyno Dynamics 4WD Rolling Road facility.  Housed in its own custom built cell lies a Dyno dynamics 450 lowboy chassis dynamometer.

Dyno Services

Power Runs

Have your vehicles power accurately measured  on our dyno dynamics rolling road.  With max of 2400BHP there’s nothing we can’t power test.







Your vehicle will be subjected to three back to back power runs measuring power at the wheels and flywheel, torque at the wheels and flywheel, AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) RPM and Boost (if turbo or supercharged).

Graphs can be displayed with:

  • Flywheel BHP
  • Flywheel  Torque
  • Roadwheel BHP                 
  • Roadwheel Torque
  • Fuel Mixture – AFR/LAMBDA
  • RPM
  • Vacuum/ Boost - Metric and imperial units. Atmospheric & absolute reference


Using the dyno as part of all our tuning conversions you know what you’re paying for. For more information on what we can offer for your vehicle please browse the rest of the website or give us a call.

Club Dyno Days

Whether you’re in club or just want to get a group of friends together to see who has the most powerful vehicle, a dyno day is for you.  Operating at weekends up to 18 cars can be tested in a day.  Please view the criteria for dyno days here. Once you have read the regulations please phone to book an available date.


The dyno is not just used for tuning, it is also a powerful diagnostic tool.  Many faults only raise their head under load or boost,  this makes static diagnostics very difficult. We can use a large array of diagnostic tools connected to your vehicle whilst we simulate different road conditions without having to leave the safety of the dyno cell.  


  • Power Run £72.00 INC VAT
  • Diagnostics using dyno £84.00 INC VAT per hour
  • Dyno Hire including operator £400.00 INC VAT for half day
  • Club Shoot out days £36.00 INC VAT per car

About Our Dyno

So why dyno dynamics?  There’s not another chassis dyno that can generate the reliability, repeatability, steady state load control and all out traction control as the Dyno Dynamics. Combine this with our purpose built dyno cell and you have one of the best dyno setups in the country! Find out more below.


The most important factor of a dyno is that it has to be repeatable! You need to be able to do 10 power runs and as long as the variables don’t change they need to be within 1BHP of each other. Imagine you are trying to find 5BHP from a certain upgrade, air filter, exhaust, etc, and the dyno your using varies 5BHP every run, how do you know if your upgrade is doing what its supposed to be doing?  The dyno dynamics has the best repeatability of any dyno we have ever tested!


Dyno dynamics has the best traction control of any roller based dyno.  Using a combination of different techniques outlined below, wheel spin is eliminated.

Knurled rollers  - Dyno Dynamics unique square cut knurled rollers give more traction than a typical smooth type.  They are also hollow in design meaning you can perform an emergency stop without the risk of the vehicle shooting across the room.






Heavy duty traction bar -This is one of the dynos best assets, a traction bar that straps directly to the vehicles chassis.  As the vehicle tries to climb out of the rollers the traction bar pulls it harder in, so the more power you have the harder it pulls.


The cooling system is very important in a dyno cell, far too often have I seen dyno runs carried out with fans that are just not up to the job! Our dyno cell has two large fans built into the outside wall which feeds cool air from outside to our main fan.  This has proven to keep cool 600-700BHP cars cool during full mapping sessions.   We also have additional fans for rear engine vehicles like MR2, Lotus Elise, Etc. 






Dyno Specs

Vehicle Types

  • Passenger Cars
  • 4x4
  • Light Commercial
  • Race cars
  • Drag cars
  • Track cars

Transmission types

  • Front wheel drive
  • Rear wheel drive
  • All wheel drive
  • Locked Front:Rear AWD
  • Full time AWD
  • Viscous coupled AWD
  • Intelligent european AWD (Volvo dog clutch)
  • Variable ratio Front:rear

Power Handling Capability

  • 2400 WHP over 4WD
  • 1200 WHP FWD
  • 1200 WHP RWD