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Mitsubishi Diesel Remaps

CORTEN-MILLER – Mitsubishi Diesel Remap

All our remaps are developed by our selves on our 4WD Dyno Dynamics Rolling road and are all completed through the diagnostic socket.  WE DO NOT REMOVE THE ECU for our conversions. This is not a plug in module but a full recalibration of the vehicles ECU. The most advanaced sofware conversion in the world.


Pro ECU will allow you to tune your own vehicle using only a laptop and our Pro ECU cable. No need to travel to us, you can be anywhere in the world and still enjoy our industry leading tuning!

You will also be able to check and reset engine error codes and also monitor and active DPF regenerations saving you expensive trips to the dealer.

Typical gains


ASX Tuning Results

  • Original power - 147 BHP
  • Original torque -  220 LBFT
  • Remapped Power – 180-185 BHP
  • Remapped Torque –270-280 LBFT


Outlander Tuning Results

  • Original power - 174 BHP
  • Original torque -  280 LBFT
  • Remapped Power – IN DEVELOPMENT
  • Remapped Torque – IN DEVELOPMENT

2.5DID Diesel fitted to MITSUBISHI L200

L200 tuning results


  • Original power – 134BHP
  • Original torque – 231LBFT
  • Remapped Power – 175-185 BHP
  • Remapped Torque – 300-315 LBFT

***NEW 2009 onwards 2.5DID 175BHP*** - NOW WITH EGR VALVE DELETE

  • Original power – 175BHP
  • Original torque – 290LBFT
  • Remapped Power –210-216 BHP
  • Remapped Torque – 340-350LBFT

3.2DID Diesel fitted to MITSUBISHI Shogun

Shogun Tuning results

  • Original power – 160 BHP
  • Original torque -296 LBFT
  • Remapped Power – 190-200 BHP
  • Remapped Torque - 330-340 LBFT

***NEW 2011 onwards 3.2DID 197BHP***

  • Original power – 197 BHP
  • Original torque - 325 LBFT
  • Remapped Power – 240-250 BHP
  • Remapped Torque -365-375 LBFT

ECUTEK Diesel Costs

£395+VAT - A full ECUTEK remap on our Dyno Dynamics 4WD Rolling Road.

Mitsubishi Diesel vehicles eligible for ECUTEK upgrade

Mitsubishi L200 using the 2.5DID common rail Diesel engines.

Mitsubishi Triton using the 2.5 DID common rail Diesel engines.

Mitsubishi Shogun using the 3.2 DID common rail Diesel engines.

Mitsubishi Pajero using the 3.2 DID common rail Diesel engines.

Mitsubishi ASX using the 1.8 MIVEC DID common rail Diesel engines.

Mitsubishi Outlander using the 2.2 MIVEC DID common rail Diesel engines. (Coming soon)



Mitsubishi Diesel Links:

http://www.pocuk.com/  - Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun Owners Club


Tuning box v Full custom remap case study

Test Vehicle: Mitsubishi L200 Animal

Engine size: 2.5

Year: 2007

Manufactures quoted power figure: 163BHP

Firstly, what is a Tuning box? A Tuning box (also known as a smoke box, plug in module, ect) is a device which is plugged onto the cars wiring harness. It intercepts the signals from the ECU to a part of the fuel system (often the fuel pressure sensor or injectors) and tricks it into increasing the fuel pressure. This is a very crude method of tuning; it is actually what Mitsubishi supply as their performance upgrade on the new 2.5 and 3.2 Diesel engines.  We have found during dyno testing that the Mitsubishi item is very inconsistent, it seems to work on a form of timer system and intermittently gives extra fuelling. Picture of the factory fit unit below.


As you can see from the above graph, the vehicles peak power varies from as low as 112BHP and up to 164.8BHP. All runs were carried out back to back, this shows that the Mitsubishi tuning module only works intermittently and actually reduces power below that of a standard vehicle. Before we remapped the vehicle using the ECUTEK software we removed the tuning module and carried out some more tests. See next graph.








In this graph we have completely removed the Mitsubishi tuning module which is fitted to the vehicle as standard. We then carried out some more power tests, as you can see it is now producing the same power every run @ 142BHP. On to the REMAP.








This graph shows us what can be achieved by remapping the standard ECU as opposed to using a tuning module.  The blue curves are standard power and torque runs (without tuning box) @ 142BHP and 249LBFT of Torque. Once the remap had been finished the vehicle is now making 186BHP and 315LBFT of Torque (red curves). That’s an increase of 46BHP @3900RPM and 115LBFT of Torque @ 2300RPM.  The vehicle has now been transformed, it has lost its tuning box inconsistency and gained power and torque at every point of the RPM range. The next graph shows the standard vehicle equipped with the tuning box vs the remap.








As you can see from this graph that even when the tuning box is working at its best (green curve) we are still 20BHP up at peak power and a much smoother curve.


This L200 was originally booked in for a remap, it is the first one we had seen and we were unaware that its manufactures quoted figures were given with the tuning box fitted. We soon realised after a road test that something wasn’t quite right. It would pull well one minute and then generally become flat the next. After some Dyno testing we soon realised that the tuning module had to be removed and a proper ECU remap was the best method of tune for this vehicle.


After many months of testing the L200 has been faultless, now driving like it should from the factory. The power curve no longer has an inconsistent and erratic behaviour and is also much smoother. Along with the power and torque benefits we have also seen a significant increase in fuel economy.

So if you have a standard L200 or one equipped with the factory tuning box one of our Remaps would be a significant upgrade without sacrificing reliability.  The price of this conversion is £395.00+VAT and includes before and after power tests on our rolling road. To remove your tuning module there is an additional cost of £41.00+VAT.  Please contact us on 01754 820341 to make a booking.