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Fuel Injection Testing Centre

Our services include a state of the art ASNU Fuel injection test & service machine.

What's it for?

For testing, finding faults, cleaning and servicing fuel injectors.

What can happen to injectors and can ASNU cleaning help?

The pintle and seats are ground to very fine tolerances, at specific shapes. This gives the injectors the ability to produce a spray pattern in the form of a cone. Problems can occur when the chemicals, lacquers and varnish in the fuels contaminate the injector. It has been shown that a varnish layer as fine as 5 microns within the pintle head can restrict fuel flow through the injector by as much as 25%.

Deposits on the pintle will alter the injectors Spray pattern and Fuel flow rate.
Dirt in the fuel can cause a build up of debris inside the filter basket and reduce the Fuel flow.

These deposits can change the shape of the pattern, from a fine atomised spray to one of the wrong shape, or that has thin liquid streams that will not burn properly. Both of these conditions will cause driveability problems

Below is a picture of a set of injectors setup on the ASNU machine being tested. The picture shows the spray pattern of six injectors from the same vehicle. As you can see the spray pattern is different for each injector. This will result in a poor combustion cycle leading to running problems. Sometimes an Injector can get so bad that it can not supply enough fuel and cause that cylinder to run lean, this results in engine failure.

Services and prices

Injector Service £16.00+VAT Per Injector - Includes flowcheck, ultrasonic cleaning, new seals and filters.

Flow & CC check £41.00+VAT Per Hour - Check for flow pattern of injectors to identify poor or faulty injectors. This is included in an injector service. We can also check the CC (cubic capacity) of an injector. How many times have we seen a brand new set of performance injectors not all flow the same. We have seen engine failures from not checking brand new injectors when they are installed in performance vehicles.